In order for your NEPTN product to have its longest possible life, here are some useful tips to care for your leather product. 

♆ WEAR, WEAR, WEAR - This gives a beautiful patina to the leather and allows it to soften and become smooth. 

♆ If your Neptn leather product gets wet it should be wiped dry to avoid it drying out and cracking over time. 

♆ Make sure to keep the clasp dry to avoid corrosion of the magnet, and keep your product looking amazing!

♆ After sweating, we recommend that you clean your bracelet with a wet tissue to avoid any odour. 

♆ For the best looking and wearing leather we suggest using a Beeswax leather balm, or Eco oil-wax on your product every couple of weeks. Just let it absorb into the leather for an hour or two before polishing with a soft cloth or tissue.