Each NEPTN product is individually handmade to order. For this reason occasionally, issues do arise. These are some of the issues that may arise:


Adhesive failure: We use the best available 2 component adhesive. Usually this holds strong indefinitely. In rare cases it can happen that one side of the leather falls out of the clasp. If this happens we have you covered with a LIFETIME guarantee. Just send us the damaged piece and we will repair it for you and send it back for you to continue enjoying. 

Tarnish or rust on the magnets: If the magnets are not wiped dry after getting wet due to sports activities, rain, or other causes, they can develop superficial rust. This superficial rust can be removed from the magnets easily if you wipe them immediately. Our clasps are made out of stainless steel and will not rust. 

As this is not a production issue and arises due to lack of care, we do not refund or give warranty for this issue. Fortunately we have had very few complaints with this issue in the past. Nevertheless, we will change/renew your clasp if you wish for an additional repair/new part fee.  

A magnet comes loose or is lost: For this issue we provide you with a LIFETIME guarantee. Just send us the damaged piece back and we will exchange the clasp for you.


If one of the above mentioned issues appear (or any other issue) please email us at: to organise the repair and return of the product. 


May you enjoy your new NEPTN jewellery for many years to come.